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Rum Nation Barbados 2002 - Single Domaine Rum

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Age: NA

Producer: Rum Nation

The Rum Nation range is the result of years of research and testing. Launched in 1999, this range has a distinctly Latino style with rums from unusual countries such as Panama and Guatemala. Each release is carefully bottled at between 40 and 45% ABV, to combine balance, mellowness, texture, and flavor. Fabio Rossi wanted to introduce fine spirits enthusiasts to new products from the Caribbean and Latin America and was one of the first to explore the rums of Peru and Panama. The product of a three-hundred-year-old tradition, each rum has a flavor and a personality that offers a unique expression of its region and origins.

Tasting Notes: A young rum: sweet, fresh, and sunny. Its pleasant aromas, average complexity, and the complete absence of sharpness or of a cloying wood influence make it a perfect choice for easy drinking… straight or in the preparation of a fine cocktail.

Appearance: Warm amber with orange nuances.

Nose: Very estery, with intense notes of cola, chinotto, coffee, and bitter chocolate. A fresh and very delicate mint fragrance can be found.

Palate: Sweet, fresh, slightly grassy. The moderate sweetness is underlined by coffee and chocolate, and a touch of cloves. Very pleasant, never challenging.

Finish: Slightly peppery, always quite sweet and enriched by the chinotto notes.

Country: Barbados


Grape Variety: Molasses

Alcohol percentage: 43.0%

Size: 700ml

Style: Rum

SKU: PTA0646

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